Monday, September 16, 2013

For All Fear Street Lovers

I know it's been awhile, Fear Street fans. Approximately three years or so? While A.M. Stine and I finished blogging all the Fear Street books, we never stopped thinking about Fear Street books. Obviously. So three years later, I finally got around to doing what I meant to do as soon as we were done with the blog - get a little organized. With lists and things.

First thing, you'll see that I have created a new page with all the Fear Street books we've blogged, in order (the Fear Street Books, an index). So if you're the type who likes to read things in order (clearly A.M. and I do not fall under that category), you can peruse over there.

Also, just for fun, I've put together some lists of different themes of books. R. L. does like to fall back on some stereotypical horror themes, which is okay. It only makes me love him more. Here are some of the major themes. Stay tuned for some more personalized favourite lists coming soon.


Vampires were so hot about three years ago. These were my faves to blog about and I tried to do as many as possible. If vampires are your thing, and why wouldn't they be, enjoy R.L.'s interpretation of Twilight. Just click on the link to head there.

Goodnight Kiss


Zombies were 100% A.M.'s thing. If I ever accidentally ended up with a Fear Street about zombies, she would basically be despondent (and it was really hard to tell, because if you look back over these recaps, you'll see the zombie twist would almost always happen at the very end and you never see it coming!) These without a doubt are some of the books with the biggest wtf factor, so suspend disbelief and any sense of logic, and enjoy.

New Year’s Party (Part One) (Part Two)

Evil twins

Such a horror classic, and a great way to get a plot moving along. Evil twins (or evil siblings pretending to be twins) often pop up in the Fear Street books, to the point that I started to keep an eye on A.M.